Rammed earth residence wins Master Builder of the Year award

When Managing Director of Olnee Constructions, Oliver Petrovic, worked on a residence in Merrick North, he knew the project was special. Oliver headed up a team of talented rammed earth technicians to work closely with David Coxhell from DC Construction to produce high quality rammed earth walls for the residence.

Little did he realise, however, that the project would go on to win the residential Master Builder of the Year award. The prestigious award was presented to DC Construction at the Master Builder of the Year gala presentation at Crown Palladium.

For Oliver, being a part of an award-winning project was challenging and rewarding.

“A project like this takes a lot of planning, patience and consultation between architect, builder and rammed earth contractor,” Oliver said. “We were able to work through complex design issues which were challenging but also rewarding.”

The result of the challenging yet rewarding work was described by Brian Welch, the Executive Director of the Master Builders Association of Victoria, as a curvaceous, stunning home.

“DC Construction are a worthy winner for the stunning home they built at Merricks North,” Mr Welch said. “This six bedroom property is unusually striking because of the curvaceous, rammed earth walls which form the structure spine and sleek theme for the home,” he said. “This is a complex house where the precisely executed details exceeded the clients’ expectations.”

Images of the award winning rammed earth house

MBAV award winning home MBAV award winning home
MBAV award winning home MBAV award winning home
MBAV award winning home MBAV award winning home